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Dear Friends and Fans:

On October 26, 2006, Theodore Taylor passed away in his beloved “house in the woods” in Laguna Beach, California. He was surrounded by his family, his books and years of wonderful memories.

Theodore Taylor and pet lionHe would be the first to say
that his 85 years on earth were as good as they come. He had come a long way from his hard scrabble roots in North Carolina. His life’s adventures took him to wild and wooly places among them boxing rings, the press room of some of the world’s best newspapers, exotic lands, the high seas, World War Two and Hollywood movie sets. He collected scraps of stories and interesting characters along the way. As you read his books, you will go along on many of those adventures and meet memorable people (and animals). He often said, “I don’t have much of an imagination.” We never did believe him.

Upon rising each morning,
Theodore Taylor looked forward to going into his cluttered office and pecking away at his old dinosaur of a typewriter. He would tell us, “I want to die hunched over that typewriter, working away on a story.” In the last few weeks of his life, as he was very ill, he talked about yet another book or story that was beginning to take shape in his mind. He loved his life as a writer and always felt he had been truly able to live his passion.

And he loved his readers and his fans.
If you had the opportunity to write him over the years, you know that each and every letter was answered and then signed with his scrawled and almost unreadable signature. He loved visiting schools and never tired of telling the story of how “Phe-leep”, Timothy and old Stew Cat came to be. He took great delight in telling classes of young people how he had flunked math and had been a miserable student all the while flashing a huge smile at the teacher. The message came through loud and clear. Look what you can do. Look what you can overcome. I did. He loved the many teachers, librarians and booksellers who have supported him and his work over the years. He was ever grateful and never hesitated to say so.

Theodore Taylor left a mark on the world
with over 50 books for people of all ages, countless short stories, a few movie scripts and even a poem or two. He left an impression with all (both two and four legged) who had the privilege to meet him and those who know him only through the words he wrote. We take great comfort in knowing that his legacy lives on in his works that will surely delight and entertain readers for years to come.

The family of Theodore Taylor

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